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FLAGMORE flagpole white


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Height: 5-12 m

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Product Description

Flagmore flagpole - prestige and a decoration for your home, backyard, or your office. Lithuanian flag that is raised high and proud is a sign of strength and union. Flagmore flagpole may be an original and long lasting gift to your business partner, your relative, or simply your friend. Swedish flagpoles do not change color, do not require any special care. They do not rust and are not conductive for electricity. These flagpoles do not have any metal cables or wheels which may brake. These features ensure, that the flagpole will serve you long and without any issues.

Buy a fiberglass Flagmore flagpole and receive Lithuanian and Historical flags as Gifts.

The offer consists of:

  • Selected height (tapered side up) white color fiberglass flagpole;
  • Finial (Golden "onion", silver "onion", white "onion", white "mushroom");
  • Selected flag raising mechanism;
  • Two flags of the highest quality - Lithuanian and Historical flags, measurements 100x170 cm;
  • Flagpole is fully assembled and ready for use;
  • The flagpole accessories are packaged in an aesthetic box, ready to be a gift to your business partner, relative or friend;
  • Free delivery across Lithuania (for delivery to Kuršių Nerija please contact our team).
Order more than 1 item and get a DISCOUNT!

Flagpole description:

  • Producer: Flagmore ;
  • Made of fiberglass;
  • Color: white;
  • Possible height from 5 to 12 meters;
  • Weight (depending on height) from 23kg to 43kg;
  • Top diameter of pole: 65 mm, bottom diameter for 5-9 m flagpoles - 125 mm, for 10-12 m flagpoles - 140 mm;
  • Fiberglass thickness – from 3mm;
  • Flagpoles tested at the Swedish Technical Research Institute (SP).
      * Detailed technical parameters you can find at the bottom of the page.

Flag raising mechanism options:

  • external halyard system (STANDART);
  • internal flag raising mechanism with lockable hatch (LOCK);
  • internal winch system (CRANK).
Choose the flag raising mechanism that is most suitable for you. In the table, you can find the differences between the mechanisms we offer.

Why should you choose FLAGMORE flagpoles?

The Flagmore company was founded in 1943. As a result, they can offer you more than 70 years of production experience.
10-years manufacturer's warranty for your flagpole.

The factory is ISO 9001 certified since February 2013, so you can be sure that your flagpole is manufactured to the highest quality standards.

6-years warranty for installation work.

The company is selling they flagpoles to 45 countries.

Flagmore is the largest company of glassfibre flagpoles in the world with manufacturing capacity of over 60.000 flagpoles a year.

We offer you:

  • Certified, high-quality and reliable FLAGMORE group flagpoles;
  • Fast delivery. 99% of flagpoles are delivered within 7 working days;
  • Warranty. We provide guarantees for all fiberglass flagpoles and installation work;
  • Installation services. We perform installation works all around Lithuania. For installation work or other information, please contact tel. +370 670 52799 or e-mail:
Flagmore flagpoles technical parameters:Flagpole installation instructions:
ISO 9001 certification:Aka Baltic official Flagmore representative:

External halyard system (STANDART) instruction: Išorinio vėliavos pakėlimo mechanizmo (STANDART) instrukcija
Internal halyard system (LOCK) and (CRANK) instruction: Vidinio vėliavos pakėlimo mechanizmo (LOCK) ir (CRANK) instrukcija

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