To help people and businesses thrive, to make their vision a reality.
This means that we provide quality services and products for the best price, so that our customers can achieve success and satisfaction, that we constantly improve the quality of the services we provide, and that we create new and innovative products that catch the eye. We also continually improve working conditions for our employees. The results of these factors ensure the successful development of our company.


AKA Baltic is a leading company in the field of innovative advertising equipment.

Our goal is to become a reliable partner for our clients.
This means that in this modern and ever-changing global world, we are the most professional and dynamic company in our field. With our work we wish to earn our clients' trust as their partner every single day, in good times and in bad times, and by helping them implement their objectives.

Our values

Responsibility, honesty: we strive to be honest and responsible with respect to our employees, partners and clients. We are all prepared to do what it takes to make our relationships even stronger.

Reliability: we keep our promises.

Quality: is our life. We always ensure good quality.

Professionalism: we are professionals in our field. Our greatest assets are the qualification, knowledge and experience of our employees.

Cooperation and initiative: we encourage our employees to strive to achieve common goals within the organisation because we know that any one of our employees can come up with an innovative and practical solution.

Innovation: we are open to innovation.