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Fiberglass flagpole CRANK 8 m

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Producer: FLAGMORE

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Product Description

Fiberglass flagpole CRANK 8 m with winches and inner lifting flag system. Flag rises with winches help, inserting in flagpole. Without winches is impossible to let rise or let down the flag. 8m flagpoles have wind speed resistance up to 47 m/s. It proved by conducting tests in Sweden SP technical research Institute.

Fiberglass flagpole CRANK 8 m description:

  • Color: white, however on pre order we can provide any RAL palette color of flagpole;
  • Weight: 27 kg;
  • Top diameter of pole: 65 mm;
  • Bottom diameterof pole: 120 mm;
  • Distance from bottom to winch: 1500 mm;
  • Steel tube length: 660 mm;
  • Steel tube thickness: 3 mm;
  • Suggested depth of ground foundation: 800 mm and diameter: 300 mm;
  • Recommended maximum flag square: 6 m²

In our internet shop You can order flagpole, where price include:

  • Cone (tapered side up) fiberglass flagpole 8 meter;
  • Finial (Golden "onion", silver "onion", white "onion", white "mushroom");
  • Flagople finial tip;
  • Rope;
  • Snap hooks;
  • Ground foundation kit;
  • Gift: Lithuanian national or Lithuanian historical flag.

We offer You:

  • Certified, qualitative and durable FLAGMORE group flagpoles;
  • Fast delivering. Highest standard flag poles are located at our storehouse;
  • Installation work. Service provides work across the Lithuania;
  • Guarantee. We provide it for all fiberglass flagpoles and installation works.

Producer Guarantee: Gamintojo 10 metų garantija
Certificate: Stiebo sertifikatas
Sweden SP technical research Institute flagpole tests: Stiebo testavimas Švedijos institute

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