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Many-sided mobile advertising banners

Many-sided mobile advertising banners offer an exceptional opportunity to display your advertisement on both sides of the stand, so you can choose to display different information on different side avoiding the need to use two individual stands, which is practical and saves space. Bright, original and colourful mobile stands are an excellent way to get attention of the customers.
Make your advertisement visible to everyone and from all sides!

Key benefits of many-sided stands:

  • lightweight;
  • sturdy;
  • quick installation;
  • easy to transport.

Many-sided mobile banners can be used indoors, at a store, in conferences or offices. We offer mobile stands with posters or empty stand structures. Our company offers poster printing and layout services.

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TWIN banner 80x180

Banner size: 2x80x180 cm;
Production time: 1-3 d.

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