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Non-contact disinfectant mobile stand (IV)

Dispenser: touch-free;
Capacity: 1000 ml;
Frame size: A3.

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Product Description

The mobile stand of non-contact disinfectant liquid with automatic dispenser ensures a high level of hygiene. The mobile disinfectant stand is based on the latest technology, the automatic liquid dispenser has an integrated infrared sensor, which ensures that the contact between the person and the stand is contactless. Let's forget about awkward buttons - just put your palm under the dispenser, the device knows what to do. The automatic stand is a great solution in various institutions where comfort and aesthetics occupy the highest positions. The disinfectant stand is convenient in that it is mobile, so you can place it anywhere you want without the need for electricity. The four LR03 / AAA batteries used for operation provide power to the dispenser for an extremely long time.

Non-contact disinfectant mobile stand:

  • Stand color: black or grey (select);
  • Touch-free use;
  • A3 format frame for information;
  • Works with 4 type C batteries (enough for up to 3 months);
  • Simple liquid filling;
  • The dispenser can be used with a disinfectant gel or with a disinfectant liquid (select pump);
  • Contactless use;
  • Dispenser capacity: 1000 ml;
  • The dispenser operates quietly and systematically;
  • Made of high quality metal;
  • The height of the stand is adjustable;
  •  Package size: 40x19x90 cm, weight: 8 kg;
  • Suitable for educational institutions such as schools, universities, vocational centers, as well as various shops, government agencies, companies, manufacturing / industry sectors and others.
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