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Outdoor stands

Outdoor stands are designed for outdoor use. These mobile stands are special due to wind and rain resistance. Mobile outdoor banner stands can be single- or double-sided, feature different sizes, water- or sand-filled base. These traditional stands are a perfect solution for your advertisement in any desired space. This is an easy and attractive way to catch the attention of a passerby.

Key benefits of outdoor stands:

  • easy to replace promotional information (posters);
  • quick installation;
  • easy to transport;
  • compact and do not take up much space.

All outdoor stands include convenient fabric carry bags.
Our online store also offers mobile Roll Up stands, information stands, mobile Pop Up displays, sidewalk sings, etc.
We provide layout and poster printing services, so you will find both empty outdoor stands and stands with posters here.

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Outdoor A board TANK B2 BLACK Double-Sided

Banner size: 50x71 cm;
Banner production time: 2-3 d.

Price starts at:
188,19 €
(including 21 % tax)
155,53 €
(excluding tax)
Lauko stendas TANK B2 dvipusis

Banner size: 48x69 cm;
Banner production time: 2-3 d.

195,28 €
(including 21 % tax)
161,39 €
(excluding tax)
Lauko stendas TANK tamsiai pilkas dvipusis

Reklamos dydis: A1, B1 arba A0
Plakato gamyba: 2-3 d.d

Pagal užsakymą

Lauko stendas TANK LED

Reklamos dydis: 65x100 cm arba 85x120 cm
Plakato gamyba: 2-3 d.d

Pagal užsakymą

Results 1 - 4 of 4