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Portable flagpole M-POLE 200 GIGANT

Height: extendable;
Weight: 14 kg;
Made of: aluminium.

205,70 € 293,86 €
(including 21 % tax)
170,00 € 242,86 €
(excluding tax)
You Save: 30%
Product Description

Portable flagpole M-POLE 200 GIGANT with water/sand base. Short time assembling, 5m portable flagpole is ideal choise for any outdoor event, exibition or produts presentation.

For outdoor using, base must be filled with water or sand. Flagpole M-POLE is very compact, and can be placed in any car.

Portable flagpole M-POLE 200 GIGANT description:

  • Colour: grey;
  • Made of aluminium;
  • Extendable: height from 1,6 m to 5 m;
  • Weight: 14 kg;
  • Banner bar length: 1,25 m.

In our online store You can purchase flagpole with all-inclusive price:

  • Aluminium, telescopic 5m pole;
  • Horizontal bar;
  • Water/sand base.

We offer:

  • Easy mounted, extendable aluminium flagpoles;
  • Kit with all needed accessories;
  • Fast delivering. Usually it takes 24h.

Also we can offer to purchase a flag. Recommended flag size: 125 x 300 cm, 100 x 300 cm, 100 x 350 cm.

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