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BACKLIT printing

Material: Backlit Film (250 g);
Production time: 1-3 days.

Product Description

BACKLIT printing. Installed print into led frame brings posters into the light! This light-translucent material using in led boxes, led frames, advertising stands. Blacklit is ideally illuminant material: yous graphics will shilne evenly. This material have special coating for contrast and vivid printed colours. Suitable for short and long term, outdoor and indoor advertise (in bars, shops, cafes and ect.)

BACKLIT printing description:

  • Material: Standart Backlit Film, weigh 250 g;
  • Sturdy, qualitative material;
  • Light-transmitting material;
  • Large format printing method;
  • Maximum print width: 1,5 m.

We offer:

  • Short manufacturing terms. Print will be ready for 1-3 days;
  • Qualitative digital printing;
  • Design layout services;
  • Fast delivering. Products usually ships in 24 hours.

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