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Pop up stand/media wall rental

In stock

121,00 €
(including 21 % tax)
100,00 €
(excluding tax)
Number of units in packaging:1
Number of units in box:1
Product Description

We rent different sized pop up stands for various events such as exhibitions, conferences, presentations, fashion shows. Exhibition walls are a great solution for visual advertising.

Photo walls for rental sizes:

Hardware size

(length x height x depth)


Design template
for textile photo wall
Design template for
PVC tent wall


228 x 227 x 30 cm

13,5 kg


301 x 227 x 30 cm

15 kg


376 x 227 x 30 cm

17 kg

Hardware (photo wall) description:

  • Easy to assemble;
  • Poster is made of solid material;
  • Package size 35 x 40 x 90 cm;
  • 2 halogen luminaires are included.

You can choose from:

Poster made of TEXTILE. This material is unique in that it is non-glossy and matte, and the photos look natural and beautiful. The textile poster covers the sides well, so there is no visible structure (the sides may also have an image, a photo). The textile poster is easy to transport, folds well and does not take up much space. It is also easy to fasten with sticky straps, can be a single construction and can have many posters.

Poster made of PVC tent material. This material is very suitable for smaller budgets because of its price.

We offer:

  • rent only hardwares or hardwares with a poster;
  • fast delivery. Usually we deliver the hardware within 24 hours;
  • short production deadlines. We will make the poster in 1-3 days;
  • services of a designer;
  • assembly and delivery services (for an additional fee).

fdagdfgFNuomojamų sienelių dydžiai:Nuomojamų sienelių dydžiai:dsgadgNuomojamų sienelių dydžiai:oto sienelių dydžiai:

(ilgis x aukštis x gylis)
Plakato paruošimo
instrukcija spaudai
S 151 x 228 x 30 cm 2140 x 2280 mm
11,5 kg
M 228 x 228 x 30 cm 2910 x 2280 mm
13,5 kg

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