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Beach flag ALU S

Construction height: 250 cm;
Flag size: 80 x 180 cm;
Production time: 2-5 days.

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22,55 €
(including 21 % tax)
18,64 €
(excluding tax)
Product Description

Looking for advertisement? Alu beach flag - it's  all you need!
Designed for outdoor and indoor use. Frequently placed in shops and offices. Pole made of lightweight aliminium. Compact, easy in setup and no need so much storage space. Create your adrvertising flag "ALU" personally: choose baseplate, pole height and accessories.

Beach flag ALU S description:

  • Beach flag size: 80 x 180 cm;
  • Construction height: 250 cm;
  • Aluminium pole construction;
  • Beach flag, printed on special flag material.

In our internet shop You can order (choose kit):

  • only pole construction without flag;
  • only beach flag without pole construction;
  • pole construction + beach flag;
  • pole construction + beach flag + mobile base;
  • pole construction + beach flag + mobile base + accessories.

We provide:

  • fast delivering.  Approximately time – 24h;
  • short manufacturing time. Flag will be ready for 1-5 days;
  • quality flag, made of special German material;
  • we provide design and layout services (for additional fee).
Design template
(Attach your layout at the end of the order)
Mobile ROLL UP stands

You can choose mobile base:

1. Water or sand filling cross basePagrindas Nr1

Veliavos pagrinas Nr22. Cross stand Ø 83 / 1,5 kg with swivel

Pagrindas Nr33. Cross stand Ø 100 / 3,1 kg with swivel

Kryžminis pagrindas 80 cm skirtas reklaminėms vėliavoms

Cross stand Ø 80 / 3,6 kg with swivel

Vėliavops pagrindas Nr4 5. Screw-in-ground mount

Vėliavos pagrinas 18x30 cm metilinis6. Base Plate 18 x 30 cm / 2,5 kg

Pagrindas Nr 6 metalinis 30x30 cm 7. Base Plate 30 x 30 cm / 3,9 kg

Pagrinas Nr. 7 8. Base Plate without swivel 40 x 40 cm / 9 kg

Pagrindas Nr8 9. Base Plate with swivel 40 x 40 cm / 9,7 kg

Pagrindas Nr9 55x55cm sukiklius 10. Base Plate with swivel 55 x 55 cm / 19,7 kg

Pagrindas Nr10 11. Ground Stake without swivel 60 cm / Ø 12 mm

Pagrinadas Nr1212. Ground Stake with swivel 60 cm / Ø 12 mm

Veliavos parindas Nr 1413. Heavy surface mounted swivel

Pagrindas vėliavai Nr 16 14. Wall mounted swivel


Vandens balastas 1. Water weight bag

Smėlio balastas 2. Sand weight bag

Priedas prailgintuvas3. Sand/snow spike
Vėliavos tranportavimo krepšys4. Bag for beach flag

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